St Helena Bay – WC:  The successful candidate should have sound technical and practical experience with an agriculture / aquaculture / engineering or business degree advantageous and 10 years of managerial experience in similar role.


  • Relevant qualification in the field of Aquaculture / Agriculture / Engineering and or Business Degree
  • Aquaculture experience, highly advantageous
  • Min of 10 years managerial experience in similar role, with production being advantageous
  • Must be a strategic thinker with excellent organizational leadership to drive the company forward, motivate employees and implement efficient and effective changes.
  • Computer literate
  • Proven financial acumen
  • Working knowledge of the insight of pumps, blowers and generators etc


  • Identify areas where procedures not being followed and correct
  • Identify areas where upgrading / improvement is necessary, plan it, budget it, oversee implementation including increasing water to farm, expansions etc.
  • Strategizing together with directors
  • Going to meetings representing The Company


  • Oversight and management of routine maintenance procedures performed by technical staff (including spares stock)
  • Identification of and oversight of other technical projects/tasks
  • Provide design and specification of projects/tasks
  • Liaise with suppliers and contractors if necessary
  • Troubleshoot problems
  • General checking up of all technical equipment to pre-empt breakdowns (identify things out of the normal)
  • Make sure correct fault is identified and repairs been instituted after a breakdown
  • Keep abreast and manage progress on any serious breakdown (office hours and after hours)


  • Oversight and management of cleaning and feeding procedures
  • Oversight and management of sorting and thinning procedures
  • Oversight of stock including forecasts and discrepancies
  • Oversight of growth rates
  • Troubleshoot problems (asking the right questions from relevant manager)
  • General checking up on “doing the right things at the right time in the right way”
  • Oversight and management of live sales and canning production
  • Liaise with customers (existing, new & potential) around orders


  • Oversight and management of hatchery procedures
  • Oversight and management of stock including forecasts
  • Troubleshoot problems (asking the right questions from relevant manager)
  • General checking up on “doing the right things right at the right time in the right way”


  • Authorise all orders placed by managers
  • Obtain approval for expenditure above pre-determined threshold from Directors
  • Ensure compliance with all requirements of various permits
  • Ensure compliance with OHSACT
  • Ensure compliance with any other relevant legislation
  • Check and authorise all invoices from suppliers
  • Analyse monthly financial reports (income statement and balance sheet) to identify deviations and implement corrective actions

Labour relations/HR

  • General oversight and management of all staff
  • Be involved in interviews for management staff
  • Oversee the recruitment of floor staff
  • Oversee the recruitment of casuals/temporary staff
  • Check and approve monthly payroll of floor staff
  • Check and approve casual’s payroll
  • Ensure compliance with Employment Equity legislation
  • Ensure compliance with Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  • Interactions with Shop stewards and Union
  • Manage annual wage negotiations with union
  • Give guidance on management/leadership to management team and team leaders
  • Ensure that training of staff members occurs as necessary and available.

ONLY short-listed candidates will be contacted

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