Xinavane Area – Mozambique: Our client is looking for a Senior Contract Manager to join the team.

Only candidates with the relevant experience will be considered.


  • Relevant Schooling qualification
  • A tertiary qualification in Logistics, Agriculture or similar
  • Computer literate with a good working knowledge of MS Word, Excel, and management information systems for stores and transport control and scheduling.
  • 3 to 5 years management/supervisory experience in an agricultural estate
  • Interpersonal skills with special emphasis on industrial relations
  • A track record in financial analysis, reporting and budgeting.
  • Excellent customer service skills


 Specialized Management

  • Implementing mechanical planting of seedlings in Nursery fields
  • Coordinate and oversee mechanized land preparation operations
  • Knowledge of field survey process and ability to interpret maps and designs
  • Working knowledge of the cultivation of sugar crops
  • Manage all aspects of equipment performance and productivity
  • Become proficient with supporting hardware and/or systems that may be introduced from time to time (keep pace with technology)
  • Actively seek opportunities to expand the business
  • Compile and present meaningful reports to management & the client

 General Management

  • Develop and maintain procedures which relate to day-to-day operational requirements
  • Ensure proper utilization and scheduling of vehicles to achieve production targets as per customer requirements.
  • Vehicle downtime to be monitored, controlled and kept to a minimum
  • Constantly monitor the fleet to ensure:
    • Vehicle and driver security
    • Optimal usage of fuel
    • No unnecessary production delays
  • Ensure adherence to procedures pertaining to
  • Work Rates (as per client requirements)
  • Safety and security standards
  • Optimal allocations of vehicles and staff
  • Timeous vehicle inspections
  • Identify, implement, and maintain site/ depot specific requirements as per legislation, policy and customer requirement
  • Manage and control vehicle maintenance, including:
  • Tyre tracking and scrapping requirements
  • Tyre cost and quality – though management of supplier’s agreement
  • Tyre management system

 Management of finance and administration

  • Monitor and manage costs
  • Undertake accurate and timeous forecasting
  • Screen all suppliers by comparing costs, quality products
  • Report weekly on projects contract revenue, kilometers and profits
  • Monitor and reconcile
  • Daily kilometers travelled
  • Monitoring fuel
  • Rectify problematic vehicle or drivers
  • Report on performance of the contact on a monthly basis
  • Manage and control all assets that are acquired and disposed of according to the relevant procedure and ensure accurate recording

 Management of safety, health, environment and quality

  • Manage housekeeping, safety and quality by ensuring that all housekeeping audits are conducted regularly, and that corrective action is taken if required, which includes:
  • Condition of the vehicles
  • Appearance of drivers
  • Appearance of offices
  • Manage accidence and insurance
  • Ensure accident report keeping system is maintained
  • Safety and security orientation
  • Implement and manage an effective SHEQ system addressing all safety risks

Management of human resources

  • Effective Performance management
  • Develop performance standards and KPI’s, and measure accordingly.
  • Conduct Performance Reviews and evaluate performance on a regular basis
  • Coach and provide feedback on possible areas that can be developed or rectified
  • Correct performance when required and discuss problem areas and discuss possible actions that can be undertaken
  • Ensure effective record keeping by maintaining personal files for all subordinates
  • Develop a Workplace Skills Plan by assessing the development and training required by subordinates Undertake purposeful recruitment as per operational requirements in line with Recruitment Procedures
  • Ensure that planned progress is made in terms of Localisation
  • Monitor employee’s remuneration and benefits and compare the monthly staff costs with budgeted allocations.
  • Manage discipline and grievances
  • Human resources report monthly
  • Accountability for headcount and managing variances against budget
  • Monitoring ethical, honest, and accurate employment against unethical and fraudulent activities.

Effective customer relationship management

  • Undertake effective client relationship management, including client entertainment when necessary
  • Audit the quality of service provided through personal interaction with the customer on an ongoing basis and timeous corrective action is taken when required
  • Monitoring and measuring

ONLY short-listed candidates will be contacted

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