Muscat Area – OMAN: Our client is looking for a Poultry Manager to join the team. Only candidates with the relevant experience will be considered.

The ideal candidate would have to be prepared to re-locate on their own.


  • Bachelor of Agriculture, specialising in poultry & poultry production
  • BSc Degree advantageous
  • Minimum of 5 previous years’ experience in the poultry industry
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Computer literate


  • Ensuring the temperature in each chicken house is at the correct level by performing numerous spot checks daily.
  • Ensure that the house attendants have fed the birds correctly and that the chicken’s drinking water is of good quality.
  • Monitor the level of the feed tanks, order when necessary and facilitate the receiving of feed to ensure the quality of the feed is not compromised.
  • Send feed samples to the laboratories if necessary.
  • Take 1kg feed samples of each load of feed and store in a safe dry place for future reference if necessary.
  • Ensure that the water quality is correct by taking random samples at least once a cycle and sending them to the laboratories for testing.
  • Ensure that the water pressure is correct in relation to the chickens’ age and that the water drinking systems are all in good operating order.
  • Ensure that any water problems are solved quickly to avoid mortalities.
  • Monitoring the reservoirs and water pipeline daily to ensure that the water level is satisfactory.
  • Collect blood samples from random chickens and send over to the laboratories to check for diseases.
  • Identify any need for repairs, gather quotes and monitor any repairs done and ensure the invoices are sent to the admin offices for payment.
  • Confirming the arrival of new chicks with the hatchery and ensure that the chicken houses are properly prepared by the services manager and his team.
  • Ensure the birds are placed in the correct houses on arrival and that the chicks are offloaded as quickly as possible to prevent mortalities.
  • Count and weigh all the newly arrived chicks and write up a report on the placement and fill in the required reports and keep the information readily available in the chicken house.
  • Ensure that the disinfection and cleaning teams have cleaned the chicken houses correctly and according to the standards as laid out by the company.
  • Ensure that the houses are properly prepped in time for placement.
  • Identify the need for maintenance and repairs, and perform any maintenance where capable, otherwise call in a service provider.
  • Ensure the farm grounds around the chicken houses are always neat and presentable.
  • Ensure that no damage occurs in bad weather by taking certain measures to avoid damage.
  • Perform a post-mortem on random chickens to ensure that there are no diseases and that they have taken to the vaccine properly by checking the size of the bursa.
  • Perform the vaccination by following the correct procedures and ensuring that all chickens are covered or receive the vaccine.
  • Perform 7-day weights on random batches of birds to ensure that they are growing properly, record the data and send to the farm office and identify why they may not be reaching their weight targets and take corrective action where necessary.
  • Assess the mortalities daily to identify any possible problems to be able to take corrective action
  • Count and record mortalities daily and send information to the farm office and keep on hand for use in chicken house.
  • Check the gas levels and place the order for more gas when necessary.
  • Monitor the gas usage to keep the costs down.
  • Always follow bio-security protocol by disinfecting vehicles, taking showers and never visiting a site with younger chickens after having visited older chickens.
  • Perform day-to-day administration duties and ensure that all necessary information is handed over to the farm office.
  • keep water-usage logs and mortality charts up-to-date and readily available in each chicken house
  • Ensure that during the catching process, the catching team are handling the live birds with care and not damaging them.
  • Ensure that the trucks and crates do not get overloaded and cause unnecessary mortalities
  • Ensure the staff are all present on time to meet the production deadlines.
  • Ensure that the catching team follow the correct catching procedures.
  • Perform weekend duties when necessary by ensuring all the chicken houses are running smoothly and do not encounter any problems. Take corrective action where necessary.
  • Install any new equipment when necessary.
  • Identify any improvements on systems and processes and put it forward to the Farms Director
  • Discipline and manage staff according to the disciplinary code and company policies.
  • Carry out performance appraisals.
  • Attend company meetings when necessary.
  • Ensure that all farm procedures are being followed and carried out.
  • Any other duties as assigned.

ONLY short-listed candidates will be contacted

To apply CLICK THIS LINK and upload your CV https://webapp.placementpartner.com/wi/vacancy/?id=farm&VacRef=FM001058&preview=e084cbf639ad4b06c02b20ac6e2ceba9