Pretoria Area – Gauteng: Our client is looking for a Packhouse Controller to join the team.

Only candidates with the relevant experience will be considered.


  • Matric
  • Speak Afr. and Eng. fluently.
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Management skills


  • Efficiencies of the Processes/operations
  • Quality on employees’ work (Ensuring employees doing their work correctly)
  • Packhouse Labour efficiencies
  • The Number of deliveries getting done per day on time


  • Planning of packhouse tasks and sound boarding with your supervisor/Director
  • Achieve sales/orders by being outcome driven. Get the 8-ton truck 2 times out to client per day in the summer, with additional smaller deliveries and collection.
  • Winter gets the 8-ton truck full every day or have deliveries done every day with small vehicles so that products move.
  • Responsible for the Packhouse neatness and day to day operations.
  • Timesheet capturing of staff members, capture their working hours.
  • Inventory control (knives checklist, packing material ordering when stock is low)
  • Perform daily communication with the harvesting team on quantities and quality.
  • Quality check when fresh produce arrives at receiving.
  • Control water quality (chlorine in water) and water levels in packhouse
  • Manage dustbins and handwashing facilities.
  • Ensure deliveries to be successful. Quantities and quality are the measurement of success. Consistency every day, final check before truck is loaded is done by you.
  • Leader in packhouse.
  • Ensure no idleness and ensure peak performance under each employee.
  • GLOBAL GAP Compliance
  • Packhouse progress reports/updates must be done every 2 hours.
  • (Client’s deadlines/deliveries should be honored and met)
  • All communication should be done on the Whatsapp groups/ radio to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Maintain good communication with the team to ensure good morale among the packhouse people.
  • Responsible for the Hygiene amongst packhouse team and inside packhouse
  • Take charge if there are any problems, contact your supervisor/Director if you are not able to resolve the issue.
  • Always make sure your supervisor/Director is informed of all processes.
  • Make sure you know what is expected of you with regards to the daily or monthly targets.
  • Monitor expenditure and make sure people don’t waste water, time, electricity, or any sort of materials.
  • Check people working their shifts and that they are not late for work.
  • Responsible to ensure everything is stored where it belongs in the packhouse and that it is secure.
  • General manager, Keep a watchful eye and big picture outlook of activities in packhouse.
  • Ensure everything inside packhouse is done to the best interests of the company, to be accountable first to Directors in any situation before any employee. (f any person talks negatively about their work or boss it must be reported)
  • Ensuring work areas are kept clean, and well-organized.
  • General maintenance (report if any tools or equipment are faulty or if you need any tool to be able to perform the maintenance
  • Advise in advance if cold rooms, conveyor belts or scales needs maintenance
  • Maintain and/or report if any of the following equipment needs attention or repairs. Pressure washer and pressure pump
  • Stay up to date with the industry trends and best practices inside a packhouse
  • Daily check the weather.
  • Maintain the conveyor belt.
  • Client service and client satisfaction

ONLY short-listed candidates will be contacted

To apply CLICK THIS LINK and upload your CV https://webapp.placementpartner.com/wi/vacancy/?id=farm&VacRef=FM001733&preview=7bef0e6256b8e7abe4051bb25d50d148