Harrismith Area – Free State: Our client is looking for an Orchard Manager to join the team.

Only candidates with the relevant experience will be considered.


  • Agricultural Diploma / Degree advantageous
  • Proven experience in apple orchard management or a similar agricultural role.
  • Strong leadership and team management skills.
  • Knowledge of orchard equipment, machinery, and maintenance procedures.
  • Familiarity with GlobalGAP and Siza standards.
  • Excellent record-keeping and documentation skills.
  • Ability to calculate and manage chemical applications.
  • Experience with the MB4000 computer program is a plus.


  • Oversee all functions related to apple cultivation, including planting, pruning, thinning, harvesting, and post-harvest handling.
    Manage irrigation systems to ensure optimal water distribution and tree health.
    Coordinate the installation and maintenance of hail netting and other orchard structures.
  • Supervise a large workforce, including hiring, training, and managing day-to-day activities.
    Motivate and lead the team to achieve production goals and maintain high work standards.
  • Possess knowledge of tractors, vehicles, and implements commonly used in orchards, including spraying and irrigation equipment.
    Perform basic repairs and maintenance on orchard equipment to ensure uninterrupted operations.
  • Strong focus on preventative maintenance and training is important.
  • Familiarity with GlobalGAP and Siza standards to ensure compliance with international food safety and sustainability requirements.
    Maintain detailed records of orchard activities, including planting schedules, harvest yields, and pesticide applications.
  • Calculate and manage spraying requirements, ensuring the accurate, safe and effective application of chemicals.
    Preferably, have experience with the MB4000 computer program for precise chemical application and record keeping

 ONLY short listed candidates will be contacted

Upload your CV to this specific CLICK THIS LINK and apply directly https://webapp.placementpartner.com/wi/vacancy/?id=farm&VacRef=FM001627&preview=531e16934028eee2d5377869b9d157e4