Lubumbashi Area – DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo): An award-winning agri-business maize company needs a qualified and experienced JD Mechanic to join their team  

The company has state-of-the art and fully automated planting and harvesting equipment and hence the need for a John Deere certified mechanic.


  • Qualified mechanic
  • Certified John Deere mechanic with demonstrable hand on work experience with JD tractors, harvesters and implements
  • Min of 5 years hands on experience in similar role
  • Working knowledge of combine harvesters, planters, agricultural equipment, sprayers, spreaders and trucks

Overall responsibilities will be:

  1. Fix combines harvesters, planters, tractors, sprayers, spreaders
  2. Assess John Deere plant for spares and make up spares lists
  3. Fix and repair Freightliners and trailers
  4. Assess spares needed for freightliners and trailers and make up spares lists

Principal Accountabilities:


Technical assessment of all John Deere plant

Repair and fix John Deere combine harvesters, planters, sprayers, spreaders and tractors

Directly involved with maintenance of all John Deere plant

Technical assistance to Agric workshop for agriculture plant

Repair and fix freightliners and trailers


Responsible for his teams’ timesheets

Check all John Deere plant to ascertain in the spares required.

Monthly reports on John Deere Plant/freightliners


Assist with fires and security s needed

Nature of this position means there he is on call when John Deere plant is working, harvest season, planting, spraying and spreading seasons

Career Management

 Potential to be workshop manager in time

ONLY short-listed candidates will be contacted

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