Khartoum Area – Sudan, North Africa: Our client is looking for Dairy Farm Manager to join the team.

The Farm manager role is a fulltime position and is responsible for all tasks associated with the safe production and management of the Dairy Farm.


  • Agricultural diploma/degree advantageous
  • Previous dairy management experience essential – min of 4 years
  • Previous pasture management experience essential
  • Proven ability to AI essential
  • Computer literacy essential
  • Mechanically orientated


  • Support the General Manager of Farms to increase the farms profitability and improve the property to the highest quality and standards.
  • Ensure that all staff and contractors adhere to company policies including workplace Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and animal welfare. Manage and oversee the work required of farm staff, consultants, and contractors.
  • Ensure compliance with all company policies including OHS regulations and animal welfare. Manage the Milk Harvesting schedule.
  • Manage all livestock and watering systems.
  • Receives, recording and dispatching of all farm supplies.
  • Manage the feed and water requirements of all livestock.
  • Manage weed control in pastures, around farm buildings, irrigation channels and drains.
  • Manage and oversee the maintenance of equipment and fences as required. Manage the irrigation on farm.
  • Roistering and management of staff.
  • Maintain a close working relationship with the nutritionist to ensure feed mixes are correct for the stock requirements.
  • Manage and organize contractors and consultants to ensure they along with staff receive adequate instructions to safely operate machinery and keep a safe working environment.
  • Maintain all buildings and sheds in a tidy state.
  • Analyse current practices and procedures and make recommendations for improvements. Keep accurate company records for analysis and budgeting purposes.
  • Perform other duties as instructed and required.


Milk Harvesting

  • Check and start the milking system, milk cooling, refrigeration, washing and feed system. Cup up cows after attending to appropriate udder hygiene.
  • Remove cups from cows following the standard operating procedures (SOP).
  • Apply teat disinfectant for use according to SOP.
  • Identify cows with clinical mastitis. Teat damage, lameness and other illnesses and follow protocols for the treatment and recording of the condition.
  • At the completion of milking. follow the procedures for plant cleaning and the shutdown process.
  • Prepare the dairy in readiness for the next milking according to the set guidelines. Animal Husbandry.
  • Determine ration and deliver to all stock. Administer drenches vaccines, mineral supplements, and other duties appropriate for animal husbandry.
  • Identify and treat common ailments of all stock including lameness. Assist veterinarian when required. Record all treatments to meet quality assurance requirements and farm policy. Follow farm guidelines for storage of appropriate levels of veterinary and animal husbandry supplies.
  • Manage the feeding program for all stock.
  • Participate in cattle mustering, drafting, transport and application of herd ID program. Adhere to farm policy handling and welfare of stock.
  • Oversee the prescribing and implementation of the animal husbandry program including training and supervision of staff. This includes all young stock management. Feed Management and Delivery.
  • Set up, operate, and monitor concentrate feed delivery equipment on farm. Oversee the processing of concentrates to deliver the prescribed ration. Manage stored feed inventory.
  • Load and feed out conserved fodder using farm machinery either in paddock feed pad, hay feeders or troughs.
  • Oversee the sourcing and reticulation of water to stock to meet their requirements.
  • Identify need for renovation of pasture. Adhere to weed and pest management policy.
  • Implement the irrigation program including monitoring and maintenance of irrigation equipment.
  • Follow weed management policy on farm. Monitor and determine most appropriate treatment for pasture and crop pests.

Plant Equipment and Infrastructure Maintenance

  • Oversee maintenance program for farm vehicles and equipment.
  • Implement maintenance program for farm buildings including shedding and dwellings.
  • Maintain and develop paddock infrastructure including fencing, water reticulation, laneways, drainage and shelter belts, stock handling facilities, shedding and feeding areas


  • Ensure the farm business is compliant with legislative and OHS requirements.
  • Oversee implementation of risk management strategies; staff roster including allocation of tasks. Organize and facilitate communications including staff meetings, use of telecommunication equipment and message protocols.
  • Facilitate and participate in staff performance reviews including professional development review.

ONLY short-listed candidates will be contacted

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