United States of America – USA: Internship and apprenticeship Host Farms and Ranches seek to train and assist the next generation of farmers, and are committed to ongoing learning processes.

The programme begins between March/April and concludes in October of each year. Typically the programme lasts between 6 to 8 months.

Full Time participants usually live and train at a host farm/ranch which provides on-farm training experience, mentorship, safe room and board, farm produced food plus staples and monthly stipend which varies from farm to farm. Field training is usually augmented by a series of classes, farm tours, discussions and networking.

The host farms usually focus mostly on animals (meat, dairy, eggs etc), some farms focus on plants (vegetables, herbs, fruit, seeds etc) and some focus on both. All participants are exposed to various farm production systems and the majority of farms are based on sustainable agricultural processes.

The internship is a hands-on learning experience, and the vast majority of time will be spent learning by doing, enabling the development of skills while accomplishing tasks that support the host farm or ranch through the season.

Co-ordinators of the internship and apprenticeship programmes ensure that a skills-based curriculum is implemented and conduct on-site evaluations and skill assessments with interns and host farmers to ensure that education and training goals are being met.

The internship and apprentice programmes usually have a small tuition fee payable which helps to pay for the educational event series, programme outreach, developing materials, facilitating orientations and evaluations, administrative costs and general support from the co-ordinator who is available for check-in’s and support throughout the internship or apprenticeship period.

ONLY short-listed candidates will be contacted and sent a detailed job application form which needs to be completed to start the process.


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